About Us

We are a full-service digital marketing company in Panvel that offers a wide range of services related to digital marketing. Our main focus is on SEO. Whether you are looking to get more traffic from search engines, get more leads or just increase your sales, we are here to help you.


We are a Mumbai based company and we are here for all your digital marketing solutions. Set up by two self-taught young minds, we have more than 6 years of experience and knowledge. We are focused on SEO and our top priority is to bring your website to a better rank. We stay updated with google and its changes so that you don’t have to face any problems. We are result-oriented and determined. Rest assured, with us you will be getting the best and most creative solutions and services. We are here to give you out-of-the-box and creative solutions so that you get the best results.

Expertise in Diverse Business Verticals

Mumbai based digital marketing agency
We are result-oriented and you are our top priority
We have ranked more than 12000 keywords
Running on 6 years of experience
We Love Updates

We are always on our toes, we keep ourselves updated.  Every year with Google’s core updates and silent updates, there are many changes that come through and we are here for making sure, your website is up-to-date too.

We are Focused on SEO

Here at Couchdeck, we put our sole attention into SEO. Finding the right ways to take your website to a better rank is our top priority. We have ranked more than 12000 keywords and are here to take you to the top too.

Commonly Asked Questions

A few years ago, we went to a lot of different companies for SEO services and we were disappointed in most of them. We would find zero value for our money, Lack of updates and a lot more problems. That’s when we decided we would come up with a company to help people, do honest work and give them the best there is. A few years of hard work, struggles and sleepless nights later, Couchdeck was born.

No one can guarantee you top rankings in Google. But some agencies are different from others. We guarantee you that your keywords will be ranked on top pages of Google.

No, We do not! We have 6+ years of experience in the field of SEO and we are up to date with Google updates. We do SEO ourselves in order to provide the promised results to our clients.