Pulkit Lawas



Our Director, Pulkit Lawas, found his passion in digital marketing when he was studying to be an Engineer. He didn’t think twice after that and started learning about SEO, Media Buying, Digital marketing, advertising and more while completing his college.
By the second year of college he decided, a 9-5 job life wasn’t one for him and he wanted to do something of his own. Later, he not only cleared his college but also set up his own company at a very young age. When he is not working, you can find him doing extreme adventure activities, watching cricket and travelling.
Nawaf Gantare


Co - Founder

Co – Founder

Nawaf Gantare is our Co-Founder and a big admirer of self-learning. In fact, that’s how he reached this position today. An engineering dropout and BMS graduate, Nawaf taught himself the art of coding, digital marketing and SEO. He likes to handle a lot of duties, roles and things together.

Today, he ranks websites, brings in leads, makes apps, generates traffic and his websites have around 19+ million views. He aspires to get better and in his free time, he likes to play games, find good places to eat and practice his Kalimba.