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If you have built a new website, or even if you have an old website and are launching a new product, the first thing you would want would be more visibility! The higher the visibility, the better the reach, as more people would be viewing your website. One of the most tried and tested marketing tools to improve website traffic and visibility is Search Engine Optimization or SEO. Read on to know more about our services and how you can make the best of SEO.

Our SEO Services in Khopoli

At Couchdeck, your website is in safe hands! Couchdeck Digital Marketing offers a range of SEO services that cover all the various requirements of both new and established businesses. To help your brand make the best of Search Engine Optimization, our SEO agency in Khopoli uses every existing tactic consistently and appropriately.

On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO, sometimes even known as On-Site SEO, is the process of optimizing your site’s content to improve its rankings. It can range from editing your on-page content to using search-friendly keywords, tags, internal links, blogs, and URLs. 

Off-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO includes all optimization done outside of your website. Link Building, Brand Building, Social Media, Off-Page Content Marketing, and Citation Building are all included in Off-Page SEO. 

SEO Audit

SEO Audits are conducted before you launch an SEO Campaign. Its purpose is to identify your website’s strengths and weaknesses and analyze your current online presence.

Automated Reports

Every SEO Campaign requires detailed reports and a proper tracking system. At Couchdeck, we have an Automated Reporting System that allows our partners to track their website’s performance in detail and in real-time. 

Competitive Analysis

During any SEO strategy, it is essential to understand what your competitors are doing and how they are performing. One of our many SEO services in Khopoli involves researching and studying your competitors' marketing plans, tactics, and any other information that is vital to your success. 

Customized Strategies

We believe in creating personalized plans and strategies for every company we work with. Every idea and method adopted is done keeping in mind your individual business rather than only the industry you are in.

What makes Couchdeck Digital Marketing different from other SEO agencies in Khopoli?

Range of Services

At Couchdeck, we provide a variety of services to suit every unique customer. We not only enhance your website to help you get recognized by search engines but also utilize every SEO tool available to boost your online standings. Our SEO services in Khopoli even include Local SEO, Technical SEO, and Global and Multilanguage SEO.

Broad Experience

With a company profile spanning across six years, we have worked with multiple companies across the board. With SEO experts Pulkit Lawas and Nawaf Gantare at the helm, Couchdeck has generated more than 90,000 dollars in revenue for the partners we have worked with. Their rich tech knowledge and expertise have not only helped the team rank more than 12,000 keywords but also resulted in the creation of more than 3,55,000 leads!

Enthusiastic and Young Team

One of the main elements that make us the leading SEO agency in Khopoli is our team. Every partner's campaigns are carried out in-house by a young, experienced, and passionate team. Each team member stays well-informed about all the latest SEO techniques and is equipped with all the means to make your campaign a success.

Result-Oriented Agency

Our mission is to help our partners build their brands and grow their businesses. We are extremely focused on helping you get the desired results by using innovative solutions to get you there. We set out goals and objectives from the beginning with proper metrics and reporting tools in place to help you continuously assess the same. Our partners don’t call us the best SEO company in Khopoli for nothing!

From top-notch strategies to end-to-end solutions, we will partner with you every step of the way!


Frequently Asked Questions

The benefits of SEO are countless – ranging from an increase in the organic traffic to your website to an improvement in your site’s credibility and trustworthiness. SEO improves a site’s visibility, helps websites rank higher on search engines, and in turn, increases quality leads and conversions. It even has a good Return on Investment and helps organizations stay ahead of their competition.

While you can also try to design an SEO campaign in-house, the benefits of hiring someone from outside are numerous. By hiring an agency, you will have experienced professionals to handle your campaigns, also giving you more time to concentrate on your own daily activities. SEO agencies also have access to the latest SEO tools and techniques, which can be expensive to invest in as an individual or new organization.

Keywords refer to the words or phrases consumers use while searching for products or services. Using the right keywords in your SEO campaign will help your website rank higher and reach the right target market. Therefore, before any campaign, you must conduct in-depth research on keywords relevant to your company and industry.

SEO is a long-term marketing tool with long-lasting results. In order to succeed, you need to spend a considerable amount of time and effort on SEO. Additionally, Google’s algorithms change frequently throughout the year. Hence even after achieving the desired results, to keep your rankings steady or to not have them fall lower, you must continue the SEO process and keep up with the trends.

Before hiring an SEO agency, there are a few factors you need to consider. You need to understand their experience in the field, their SEO process, their reporting process, as well as their overall strategy and approach. It is always beneficial to ask the agency about the clients they have worked with in the past and the duration for which they worked together.

If you are new to SEO and looking for a qualified SEO company in Khopoli, call us on +91 2241483000 today. You can also check out our website, or mail us on [email protected].

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