Mastering Reverse Prompt Engineering Using ChatGPT

What Will I Learn?

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Prepare to create fresh content and increase your ChatGPT experience by using reverse prompt engineering.

The fascinating field of reverse prompt engineering has the ability to completely alter the way we see text generation.

Are you prepared to use reverse prompt engineering to its full potential?

Don’t worry! It is a very simple process; you will just pick a text and then construct a suitable prompt that may have created the same. In this way, you will be able to unleash the connection between prompts and the texts being generated.

Understanding Reverse Prompt Engineering

In the world of sizable language model such as ChatGPT, reverse prompt engineering is a process that primarily involves taking a sentence and creating a prompt that probably inspired it.

This tool that has proved to be quite helpful in figuring out the complex connections between a prompt and the text being generated.

Are you still confused? Well, let me be a bit more specific to the scenario. Just consider a scenario where you are at the magic show. The magician pulls out a rabbit from the hat. With Reverse prompt engineering, the audience will ask the magician on how the rabbit is being materialized. The audience would love to learn about the steps that made the rabbit get within the hat.

With Reverse prompt engineering, we try untangling the relationship between the prompts as well as the text being generated. This helps us to improve the performance of the text generation models, thus resulting in delivering more impactful and accurate text.

Henceforth, Reverse Prompt Engineering is an option to consider seriously. It is all about finding the source that leads to the path of output generation.

Unleashing the process on carrying on Reverse Prompt Engineering

Here, we shall be discussing step by step process on how to perform Reverse Prompt Engineering through existing code or text. Let’s start.

Once you learn this, you will find it easier to manage your ChatGPT experience and take it to an altogether next level.

The first stage

Focusing on the ChatGPT model

Focus on the ChatGPT tool for creating prompts which will deliver the required outcome. In order to do so, you need to command ChatGPT accordingly. Let’s say for example:

I want to use reverse prompt engineering where you help me create prompts based on the text I give you that would be optimized and ideal for producing similar content.” Look at the below screenshot to see what ChatGPT returns upon this command:

The first stage

The second stage

Selection of a text to begin with

In this stage, you need to select a suitable code or text for reverse prompt engineering. Say for example: “I want to purchase ticket for the upcoming soccer match.”

After writing this code, just copy it into the ChatGPT box we discussed in the earlier stage.

The second stage

The third stage

The reverse prompt generation process

Once the model becomes prime with a starting text to commence, it becomes easier to generate reverse prompt. Once you click on the submit tab, the prompt that will display is “Write a sentence about your intentions for the upcoming soccer match.”

Remember, this is just a basic example that provides you the idea about reverse prompt process and how it can be generated.

The third stage

What you do next? Just click the CACHED option located at the bottom.

click the CACHED option

If you go to the top of the page, you will notice an option “Text Only”. Click on that.

click on text only

Then, simply copy the text from there and past it into the ChatGPT interface.

copy and paste text

The fourth stage

Rewriting the prompt

When using the prompt for specific purposes, the writing must be more precise, to the context. It is all about framing the sentence in the most appropriate way possible. Therefore, you can instruct ChatGPT accordingly, something like this:

Extract the most semantically relevant entities from this {text}. Put the entities into a chart, numbering them from the first column, listing them in the second column, and including their salience scores in the third column. Text = {whatever your topic is that you copied from the “text-only version” at the end of Step 3}.

Focus on the screenshot below:

The fourth stage

The fifth stage

The testing process

Once the reverse prompt is rewritten, you need to test the same. Copy Paste the new prompt into the ChatGPT and see the output.

Now, give me a single prompt that would create a similar output to the {text}. The tone and writing style should be included in the prompt. Entities #1 — #7 should be mentioned as needing to be included in the output of the prompt. To be clear, I want you to reverse prompt engineer the {text} I gave you, meaning I’m looking for a prompt that can write that text. Do you understand?

What am I telling the ChatGPT tool? I am instructing the tool generate an article of similar value. Observe the output below:

The fifth stage

The sixth stage


Once the prompt is generated, you need to ensure whether it meets your requirement or not. If the text is not at par to your requirement, you need to do some adjustments. Edit as per the need on the ChatGPT window.

Let’s do some edits. How about including some proper heading formats? To do so, I’ll include a command, “be sure to give relevant H1 and H2s.”

Also, “What is Content Marketing” as H1.

Observe the screenshot:

The sixth stage

Final words

To sum up, reverse prompt engineering is an intriguing and effective approach for those wishing to maximize the performance of ChatGPT and other text generation models.

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