Top 13 Digital Marketing Courses For Free With Certificates

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Top 13 Digital Marketing Courses For Free With Certificates

The digital marketing market is expected to reach $786 billion by 2026. This statistic proves the importance of digital marketing in today’s world.

What could be more thrilling if you are interested in learning digital marketing and can do the same without even shelling out a single penny!?

Yes, you heard (or read) it right. Numerous free digital marketing courses are available on the internet that you can pursue from anywhere. The icing on the cake is renowned brands like Google, HubSpot, Born on Instagram, Hootsuite, etc., offering these courses and completion certificates, which adds to their worth and legitimacy.

Here is a list of top digital marketing courses that will help you gain the necessary skills in the niche.

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

By Google

For the novice and experienced users, the course covers every facet of digital marketing and offers a free certification. Google’s industry-recognized certification program greatly enhances your skill set and attracts attention to your CV. Besides this, you can take quizzes to further improve the learning process. This is a 40-hour comprehensive course that comes with a free completion certificate.

The 26 modules comprise multiple lessons, including text and videos. You can choose which lessons to include in your individualized learning plan if you don’t want to advance through the course.

The modules cover details around core digital marketing concepts like online business strategy, understanding search and how to improve your campaigns (SEO services), e-commerce store building, and international expansion, link building, social media marketing, mobile marketing, content writing and marketing, email marketing, advertising (Ads) and analytics

Digital Marketing Strategy

By The University Of Edinburgh Through Ed X

Another free way to ace digital marketing is through this course offered by Edx. Edx, one of Scotland’s best colleges, is providing this comprehensive course in digital marketing.

The course can be finished in around 8 weeks if you commit to four to six hours of training each week. The course material is extensive and of intermediate level. This is one of the best options for students looking for a completely free education in digital marketing. You can audit each module’s lessons for free. With thousands of students already enrolling in the course, what are you waiting for?

Digital Media And Marketing Strategies Offered

By The University of Edinburgh through Ed X

When it comes to online and free courses, Coursera never disappoints. One extensive course offered in digital marketing is “Digital Media and Marketing Strategies.” Offered by the University of Illinois, this course has free access. You will learn how to optimize your digital assets during the free 15-hour digital marketing course. Once you finish the course, the fundamentals of email and social media marketing, as well as the fundamentals of advertising on the internet and video marketing, will be crystal clear to you. However, you can only get the certificate for this course in the paid version.

Internet Marketing For Smart People

By Copyblogger

Internet marketing for smart people is a twenty-module course that you can access for free to boost your information about digital marketing. The course is sent to your inbox. You will also have access to a ton of information on how to harness the power of content writing for digital marketing and influencer marketing, as well as extra eBooks. However, there is no certificate for course completion.

Enriching internet marketing experience for joiners, Copyblogger has taken on the onus of kickstarting writers’ careers in 2006.

Meta Social Media Marketing

By Coursera

This course will teach you how to manage social media accounts, produce interesting posts, and evaluate your performance. A comprehensive course extending up to 7 months with consistent two-hour learning each day, this course requires you to possess no basic knowledge of digital marketing. It will also equip you with the knowledge and skills to conduct successful social media advertising, such as SEO services.

Social Media Marketing

By HubSpot

This course will teach you to control the buzz surrounding your company, foster loyalty, and draw in new clients and partners. Developing a successful social media strategy will help you increase the reach of all your inbound marketing initiatives and brand recognition. Learn all the tactics from the course, which comprises 8 lessons in 38 videos and 29 quizzes and lasts for 5:18 hours.

Whether you are an existing social media marketer, marketing manager, or aspiring marketer, this course with free certification from HubSpot Academy is best to enhance your knowledge on how to leverage the power of social media to transform your career or take your clients’ social media presence to the next level on the internet.

Google Digital Marketing & Ecommerce

By Coursera

You will learn how to use products and platforms such as Constant Contact, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Shopify, and Twitter while gaining in-demand skills that will prepare you for an entry-level position. Through this course, you will receive instruction from subject-matter experts and have the opportunity to create your portfolio, which you can present to potential employers. You will pick up in-demand skills that will enable you to land a job in less than a year. There is no prerequisite education or work experience for this course.

Digital Marketing

By HubSpot

Take the first step towards success in the digital marketing world with Hubspot. This extensive certification program will shape your ability to perform in the modern online environment.

You’ll learn everything you need to succeed in your profession, from designing an inbound-first, human-centered digital marketing strategy to producing great content that engages readers and search engines.

You’ll also receive a certification in digital marketing after you finish to demonstrate your proficiency. Enrol immediately and begin learning if you want to take advantage of this chance to secure your career as a digital marketer.

Advanced Content Marketing

By Semrush

Anyone wishing to build a profitable blog should take this course. Content includes sophisticated methods, tactics, and approaches beyond the usual blogging tips, so you can concentrate on elevating your site.

Social Marketing Training

By Hootsuite Academy

This course from Hootsuite Academy can be completed in 6 hours, enriching trainees’ skills to become an intermediate-level social marketer. The comprehensive curriculum comprises 6 chapters in approximately 80 lessons. The topics covered in this training program range from search engine optimization (SEO services) to strategy, growth, content writing, video marketing, paid advertising, link building, and more on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and Snapchat, to name a few.

You can earn their certification by taking a test that costs around $199. However, it is optional. You can enrol for free in this online social marketing course.

Advanced Email Marketing

By Simplilearn

A free way to ace email marketing is through this course offered by Simplilearn. The course material is extensive and of intermediate level. You will learn many techniques, like driving traffic through emails and mail campaigns.

After course completion, a certificate is provided, which can be shared with employers and posted on LinkedIn. With thousands of students already enrolling in the course,the course is worth investing every minute you have to spare.

SEO Video Series

By Moz

The extensive course covers topics like SEO strategy and link building, among many others. This course is apt for beginners who have just begun the digital marketing journey. The course does not provide a completion certificate. However, one learns a great deal from this short course.

Creator course

By Born on Instagram

Divided into 4 parts, this course is a fun and interesting way to dive into digital marketing. This course teaches you everything from creating a good digital presence to learning how to earn money through Instagram. The course is free and provides no completion certificate.

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