What Are Google Web Stories? A Detailed Guide 

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What Are Google Web Stories? A Detailed Guide 

Curious if you can have stories on Google as you have on WhatsApp, Twitter fleets, or Instagram!?

Here is a reply to all that have been intriguing you.  Adding stories was started in 2017 on Snapchat social media platforms. However, Google introduced the Google web stories feature in 2020, which is quite recent.  Earlier known as Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP Stories, Google has rechristened this feature as Google Web story. As per the Google reports,  since October 2020, daily 100,000 new Web Stories adjoins the search index. 

What Are Google Web Stories?

Web stories include all kinds of topics and contents. The stories are visual content that is available in full screen. It is a good option for content creation and includes audio, video, and animation. The contents are in a storytelling format and are mainly compatible with mobile devices. They might as well appear in Google search results. Like any other official blog, it can make you rank higher. Make it creative, engaging, and compatible with AMP to catch the people’s attention. Remember, these stories have no expiration dates.

However, it is important to know how to get the best out of it. It is indeed a very trending platform for marketing. Apart from information and knowledge, Google’s web story aims to entertain the audience. The tap-through format is quite quick and engaging. 

Optimize Google web stories like any other web page and leverage this tool’s power to hike your online engagement. Display web stories creatively with full information in them. Unlike many apps, these stories have minimal restrictions. In a survey, approximately 6500 domains were reported to publish their first story since October. 

Best Fit Personnel For Creating Google Web Stories 

A person with general social media knowledge and knows how to use the basic tools can usually create Google web stories. It needs minimum effort. However, consistency is the key as always. 

It might sound strangely true that you may employ search engine optimization (SEO) through Web Stories SEO techniques.

There has been a lot of competition in the story creation. Hence, there is a need to make the best of stories researched in detail. Don’t forget to learn to optimize your web stories for search. You want people to view them in any Google search available on Android devices or iOS enabled Apple gadgets.

Overview On How To Enable Web Stories On Google:

  1. Create the Web Story
  2. Ensure valid AMP
  3. Verify the metadata
  4. Check if the Web Story is indexed

Follow the Web Story Content Policies

Prerequisites For Creating Google Web Stories

  • First of all, the HTML needs to be valid. This is necessary to enhance the overall experience. Ensure that the story is also available in the landscape format for a desktop view.
  • The next step is the AMP verification. It is important, and we need to ensure no error circulating this. Without the proper validation, the links and documentation would not be considered valid.

Google Web Stories Examples

Do you know what makes Google web stories so trending?

Blending videos, images, audio, text, and animation, a web stories creator has the liberty to break up the narrative into seconds-long parts. This enables viewers to move back and forth during video watching. 

Here are some prominent examples of web stories: 

Google Web Stories Examples
  • Refinery29 series was created and named ‘how stuff is made. It included an interesting topic called ‘how money is made.’ In general, this could have been boring, and people could have overlooked it. However, the presentation was the important part, along with the videos and audios. The overall story was very engaging, attractive, and compelling. It was able to draw a lot of attention from the audience. 
  • Another famous Google web story was the NowThis series. It involves a story of a swimmer who is a Paralympic swimmer. During the pandemic, he focused on his training pool and finally did build his pool. This is a very heartwarming and influencing story. Because it was available in a visual format, the swimmer became famous.
Google Web Stories Examples

 Bustle and Lonely Planet are other famous examples from web stories. 

How To Make A Web Story?

The first way to create a Google story is by using the AMP. There are quite a few integrations here. However, this might get easier if anyone knows or is familiar with coding. It is always advised to recheck if the AMP is valid. Everyone can’t understand coding. For them, Google came up with tools to help reach their target audiences by creating google web stories.

Exploring the storyboard is very important for content creation. It brings new ideas and helps to fix your goals. Google provides content creators with third-party suggestions. They help creators chalk out a better plan and develop successful Google stories. 

Below Are The Tools Required For Creating Google Web Stories

Web stories by Google WordPress plugin 

Web stories by Google WordPress plugin 

Google web stories plugin is linked to WordPress plugin. It helps creators to create web stories directly from the website of WordPress. Hence, the entire media library is available on your story. It provides a very simplified window with necessary tools. This is the best tool if one is already familiar with content creation. Also, it provides various templates which help to frame design. The Drag and drop option allows you to publish your own story on a website.

Newsroom AI 

Newsroom AI 

It is a free platform for creating Google web stories, and it comes with a lot of interesting analytic features. It is a very user-friendly platform. You can change your theme and designs anytime at your discretion. Even the free version provides the option of embedding a story onto your website and rolling out stories on Google. The paid version of this tool is also available. 

Choose from the various templates available with Newsroom AI. Hop on to the “create” page, where you can start designing your web story. Alternatively, upgrade to the paid account and leverage Google ads for yourself to make some money. Additionally, enjoy access to the Getty editorial image library and Getty videos.

Make stories

Make stories

Make Stories comprises a catalog of free images, icons, symbols, and more, making it an easy-to-use feature. Additionally, it has a drag-and-drop interface for creating a design, or you can use templates to get started with Google web story creation. 

Besides WordPress integration, this feature allows exporting each story in a zip file, publishing to your FTP on your website, or using embed options like iFrame.

Integration On WordPress And Shopify

Did you know you can share web stories in your email campaigns, ads, existing blog posts, QR codes, and even Mobile App? Know-How!

WordPress Integration 

Having a WordPress site is an advantage if you plan to get started with Google web stories. Utilize the power of the Web Stories plugin for WordPress and build stories on the WordPress platform for your website. Install the official Google Web Stories plugin. Make sure you read Google’s documentation to make your story search engine ready. Click on the WordPress plugin settings to set the tracking ID for Analytics and check how your web stories are performing. You have the option to choose from templates and tools to adapt the story as per your preferences. 

Shopify Integration

Do you own a Shopify store? And looking forward to boosting conversions on this e-commerce website?

Spending on Google ads is not always the wisest decision to drive leads to your Shopify store. Use your product descriptions and repurposes your customer reviews, social media handles content like Instagram posts & comments, video testimonials, influencer promotions to create web stories.StorifyMe is the platform to your rescue where you can create your marketing content using free images, animations, quizzes, polls & more styling options.

Benefits Of Using Web Stories

  • All the other platforms like Instagram and Twitter feature adding stories. However, Google is unique in this case. Instead of disappearing after a fixed time limit, it can be published as a blog. Keep it as long as you want. Moreover, you have full rights to your content and preserve it.
  • One of the undeniable benefits of Google which stories is that you own the content. This is another reason why Google is unique compared to other social media platforms. The opportunity it provides is unparalleled. The content is created with the help of an AMP. Also, we can use a third-party platform and choose the theme of our choice.
  • A report says that Americans spend 5 hours a day on an average on mobile. People love to read interesting news or dynamic stories in their hectic schedules. Hence, if the content is eye-catching, you can expect more viewers every day. Eventually, that shall help us achieve higher ranks. 
  • Creating content for Google web stories is indeed a fun activity. This might not be valid for everyone. Some content creators might have pressure to provide content within the deadline. However, a major section of people enjoys creating interesting Google stories, exploring different images, and developing creative ideas.
  • By creating Google web stories, you may develop many opportunities like discovering various brands. This is mainly possible due to the SEO tie-i. It helps familiarize with different new sites and explores a lot of new stuff.
  • Monetization is yet another benefit of Google web stories. You are the owner and hence enjoy complete control over your content. You get the whole evening when you host any ad. This is one of the greatest advantages. It is publishers’ discretion, and thus you have more freedom and control. 
  • Google web stories make things available in quizzes or polls to make things interesting. Hence it becomes very interesting to the audiences, and they get addicted to it. Hence, the interactive level in this platform keeps increasing at a good rate which is one of the best technical abilities of this feature. The overall experience is worth every moment spent creating stories.
Benefits Of Using Web Stories

Do Web Stories Appear On Search Engines?

Google web stories appear in search engines in three different ways

  • Carousel format
  • Single card format 
  • Grid format

Features Of Google Web Stories

  • It has a page and URL, making it easy to share the link online.
  • They have the power to drive a large amount of traffic. This is because they are available in search snippets as top stories.
  • They give the content creators a great opportunity to reach a large mass. People discover various stories according to their interests based on their search history.
  •  It is the most colourful representation that includes good video and motion in the story. It can also use text to highlight certain important facts. 

Goggle Approved Tips For Leveraging And Optimizing Web Stories 

  1. Utilize the Google Web Stories Test Tool
  2. Formulate your web story SEO strategy
  3. Video files should be optimized as vertical videos
  4. Optimize images for fast page loading, improved indexing, and the best UX possible


Google web stories are a form of successful reach and a potential step for upcoming marketers. It is devoid of any time limits or duration. 

Explore and expose different brands. The Google platform showers many opportunities and tools for creative minds and brings different ideas every day. 

If you have a website and post google web stories according to your choices. The whole process is about learning, growing, and being punctual. Developers are working toward improving this feature of google henceforth. In the future, we’re expecting more surprises. 

The best feature of Google web stories is that it is very flexible and works on multiple devices. The AMP technology was originally designed for mobile. It means that they are mainly suitable for the mobile view. However, google web stories can be set for viewing on desktop or tablet without any extra tools. They are specially designed to adapt to multiple devices.

Hope you have been guided enough to start with a new venture of creating Google web stories. However, consulting a video marketing and SEO agency offers expertise and experience in this realm.  

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