Which Hosting Plan Is Best For Your Website

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Which Hosting Plan Is Best For Your Website

Web hosting is an integral part of every successful website. Finding the appropriate WordPress hosting for business requirements would aid you in enhancing your SEO and thereby help you with boosting your sales. Web hosting comes in different types such as Shared Webhosting India, Dedicated server hosting, VPS Server Hosting, WordPress Hosting, which have been discussed further. 

Which Hosting Plan To Choose

Generally, you would be required to choose a hosting plan and assess the requirements of your blog, such as the bandwidth, SSL, storage, free domain, e-mail accounts, etc. However, all excellent hosting providers offer various hosting packages and sufficient capacity to operate any form of a blog.

If you’re just getting started, you should familiarise yourself with the many forms of web hosting. This shall be able to explain as to which is the best website according to your needs and requirements. Do not rush yourself to decide the type of web hosting plan because a wrong type of plan can lead you to major web hosting issues in your website in the future.

Types Of Web Hosting

What is Web hosting?

The servers that a web hosting service manages house websites. Dedicated server space and cutting-edge technology are provided by web hosts so that your website may be seen on the Internet. People can use this to access your website and browse your web pages online. When you purchase an annual or monthly hosting package, you are simply renting space on a server that keeps all the data necessary for visitors to access your website.

Shared Hosting

The most widely used web hosting model is called “shared hosting.” Shared hosting features a strong processor, a large amount of memory storage space and is linked to the web by many data pipelines. Further, Shared Webhosting India also runs a single operating system and all the required apps.

Generally, in shared web hosting, the web host populates the server with several user accounts, which are done on a first-come, first-served basis, with all accounts sharing the same physical area.

WordPress hosting

WordPress hosting is a suggested excellent choice for users wanting to develop a professional website. The website hosting company shall enable you to develop a professional WordPress website, thereby using many widgets, plugins, and themes for development.

Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated servers are also another best option for web hosting. The web server is technically owned by you solely instead of being shared in a public environment. Moreover, the dedicated web server hosting generally includes several extra-additional features such as quicker speed and higher uptime.

VPS Server Hosting

A strong resemblance exists between VPSs and cloud hosting. On the other hand, VPS accounts are hosted on a single server, whereas Cloud accounts are spread across a network of computers. Each account gets its own simulated environment on a VPS or Cloud hosting service. Since each account is isolated, it can have its operating system as well as a web server application and be heavily customized for its use.

VPS or virtual private server hosting is an upgraded version of the hosting plan compared to shared hosting, which enables the users to have similar features and performance for their websites without requiring the up-gradation to any dedicated server. A managed VPS hosting service is normally higher priced; however, it is appropriate for people with less technical skills because it allows the provider to handle system and software upgrades. In an unmanaged VPS hosting service, the hosting company shall be solely responsible for the physical server, whereas the factors of accessibility, upgrading, installation are the user’s responsibility.

Pricing Plans

A wide range of pricing options is available for accessing web hosting services, starting at $2.49 and going up to almost $700 each month. When you choose a higher-priced web hosting plan or opt for a lower-priced plan for a larger duration, the web hosts provide a ‘limited-time money-back guarantee’ option that generally lasts for 30-90 days. This helps you trust the service and opt-out of it when you are not satisfied with the service.

One of the quintessential parts of web hosting is that the type of website you choose shall be the regulatory factor in determining the type of web hosting you shall require. In practically all categories, shared hosting is the best option for rookies since it has many additional advantages that shall favor beginners.

What is the best Web hosting server option?

Shared hosting will suffice if you’re hosting a basic website and don’t care about speed. As the name implies, numerous websites are hosted on a single server with shared resources. The best cost-effective web hosting choice is Shared Webhosting India. Our Shared Web hosting plans are equally robust and flexible such as the VPS and Dedicated Web hosting.

Couchdeck Shared Hosting

Cost of Shared Webhosting a website:

  • Beginner: ₹ 229/ Per Month
  • Blogger: ₹549/ Per Month
  • Freelancer: ₹ 749/ Per Month
  • Startup: ₹ 949/ Per Month
  • Business: ₹ 1449/ Per Month
  • Enterprise: ₹ 1999/ Per Month

*Yearly Plans has Huge discounts. Check all the latest pricing on our Hosting Page.

CouchDeck provides a terrific starting point for ambitious website owners: shared hosting options that won’t break the bank or add to your to-do list. Our Shared Hosting plans are designed for novices, with a user-friendly interface and customizable options to meet your needs. Hence, with our Shared Hosting options, you can get your site set up with customizable, professional themes and must-include plugins, whether you’re running a company website, an engaging, impressive blog, or an e-shop.

Further, our TIER IV data center, which has superior hardware and the greatest network resources, allows us to achieve near-perfect uptime. Further, our reliable infrastructure allows us to maintain a 99.95% uptime, assuring optimum security, increased speed, and superior performance. Using our shared hosting plans, you may create an eye-catching website. An SSL certificate, professional email address, and domain name are also included in the bundle.

Lastly, Shared Web Hosting services provided by us are powered by top-of-the-line servers. There is a limit to the number of clients a server can handle at any given time. We provide round-the-clock service, regular upgrades, and helpful information in addition to assisting you with the latest tools and technology for your website.

If you want to go for a higher pricing option with more features, you can choose Enterprise pricing plans that are generally expensive with good features and performance. The Enterprise hosting plan is the most feature-rich shared web hosting plan available, with the most resources in the shared server category. Someone whose websites receive a lot of visitors and require a lot of resources to handle it can opt for this. It contains well-known websites that are quite educational as well as e-commerce sites. It’s also ideal for businesses that are rapidly expanding and require scaling.

This is followed by the Freelancer and Blogger pricing plans of hosting. The former includes fewer features than the Enterprise plan and is less expensive; however, it shall be suitable for users searching to accommodate moderate pricing options with moderate features. Further, the Freelancer web hosting plan is tailored to individuals with typical needs, and it includes hosting resources to meet their basic requirements. This company’s special plan is best suited for SMBs, professionals, freelancers, and other types of businesses. It’s also best suited to hosting a single heavily-trafficked website or a group of websites with typical traffic.

The Beginner plan shall have fewer features in comparison to the former two and shall also be less priced; however, this shall be suitable for users who search for minimum features in their web server. A significant advantage of Cheap Hosting is that it allows you to test your site without incurring significant costs; the hosting company will assist you in upgrading your plan if your site approaches the plan’s restrictions.

Note – The prices may be different from the published date of this blog post.

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