10 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Tweetdeck

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10 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Tweetdeck

After Tweetdeck was acquired within the Twitter interface, it became one of the best platforms to manage accounts easily. But not many are aware of this wonderful tool which is why they resort to the traditional methods for performing any action on their Twitter account or managing their profiles. Ultimately, they face many struggles that might cause frustration, lack of interest in using the Twitter account optimally for growing followers, and so on.

Owing to this, we have described the top ways about using the Tweetdeck to have the best out of it.

Top 10 ways to use the Tweetdeck website

Linking multiple accounts

Linking multiple accounts

If you have multiple Twitter accounts, managing them simultaneously will become much easier with Tweetdeck. To do so, login into the website with one account first. Once done, click on the “Accounts” option from the dashboard and add all other accounts sequentially. This will help you work on multiple accounts without logging into them separately.

Creating numerous columns on a priority basis

You can add as many columns as you want to the home page, depending on a certain criterion. For example, you can create 1st column for new tweets and a 2nd column for your Twitter ads. You can even change the priority of each column by rearranging their positions with a simple drag. Thus, with this new Tweetdeck stream of tweets in real-time, you can track every activity on time.

Formation of a team

Formation of a team

Businesses can now form a Tweet Team on Tweetdeckand add members to work on the accounts, create posts, manage the tweets, and more. There is no need to create multiple passwords or other authentication systems while creating a team. Each member can be either a Contributor or an Admin.

Setting proper Tweetdeck alerts

With scheduled Tweetdeck alerts, you can stay alert about every action involving your account, followers, and following lists. In addition, there are several push notifications and alert systems on Tweetdeck that you can use for staying up-to-date and taking immediate action. Some of the notification systems are Mentions, Retweets, Followers, etc.

Scheduling the tweets

Schedule Tweet update

With Tweetdeck, you can easily schedule your Tweets for various occasions so that you won’t miss the opportunity to target the right audience at the right time. Furthermore, this feature will also help you implement auto-tweet Tweetdeck, which will help in improving the overall interaction with others.

Creating lists and collections

Once you learn about the Tweetdeck list VS collection, you can use these inter-related features for optimizing the dashboard. The collections will allow you to arrange the tweets based on time, user profiles, purpose, event, interests, and so on. You can even prioritize the collection as per your requirement. The lists will allow you to prioritize, update, and view the tweets easily without searching for them individually.

Using the advanced search parameters

By incorporating various advanced search parameters into your account, you can easily reach out to your audience and drive them towards your profile. You can even use them to see tweets based on your preferences. Some of the most common advanced searches are:

  • Filter: links
  • -from@username
  • “search item”
  • @usernamev
  • #hashtag

Add the failsafe “confirmation” pop-up

To ensure that you don’t accidentally post a tweet or perform any other action on Tweetdeck, you can use the “confirmation” window feature. Whenever you take action like Submit, Save, Edit, Delete, and more, a popup window will populate, asking for your confirmation. If you don’t want to carry on with the task, click cancel.

Customizing the Search tab

By customizing the search tab, you can see all the tweets based on a keyword you have given, a user name, a teams’ name, event name, and so on. This way, you won’t have to worry about missing anything important.

Improving interactions through Mentions tabs

To know whether someone has mentioned your account’s user name or used a hashtag you have created, you can use the Tweetdeck’s Mention tab for keeping track.

Improving interactions through Mentions tabs

Way to get the best out of Tweetdeck app

If you want to use the Tweetdeck app Android, you can download the MarinDeck on your phone. It will help you integrate Twitter accounts seamlessly and manage them without any hassle. Here, you can swap the columns to rearrange them as per the priority. It also comes with a QR code reader for security purposes.

The theme can be customized for an immersive Twitter feeling. Apart from this, it also encompasses custom CSS and JavaScript features for better management of the Twitter account.


Tweetdeck offers many opportunities to optimize and manage multiple accounts with ease. The above-discussed ten ways will help you create a spot-on impression on the audience, improve interactions and engagements, and further grow the social media presence. 

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