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How to Setup Directory Privacy in cPanel

In the realm of web hosting, securing sensitive directories is vital for safeguarding online content. cPanel’s Directory Privacy feature offers a robust solution. This guide walks you through implementing Directory Privacy, empowering you to restrict access to specific directories and enhance the security of your data.

Step 1: Login to Cpanel


Step 2: Go to Files > Directory Privacy


Step 3: Choose the folder/directory you would like to protect and click on the Edit button right next to it


Step 4: Make sure that Password protect this directory checkbox is ticked. Enter the name for protected directory and click on the Save button


Step 5: If you see this popup message you have successfully made changes to your folder


Step 6: Now click on the Go back button


Step 7: Now we need to create a user for this particular folder. Enter the Create User details and click on Save


Step 8: If you see this popup message, you have successfully created a user for this folder. Now click on the Go back button


Step 9: Now go back to the cpanel dashboard and go to Files > Directory Privacy and now check the folder you made changes to. If you see this particular icon, you have successfully made changes to your folder.


Congratulations! You have learnt how to setup directory privacy in cPanel

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