How To Create an Addon Domain in Cpanel

Creating an addon domain in cPanel is a straightforward process that allows you to host multiple domains on a single hosting account. Addon domains are ideal for managing separate websites with distinct domain names but shared resources. With cPanel, you can efficiently organize and control these additional domains, simplifying the management of your web hosting environment. Below are the steps to create an addon domain in cPanel.

Step 1: Login to Cpanel

How To Create an Addon Domain in Cpanel-Login-Interface-cPanel

Step 2: Go to Domains Domains


Step 3: Click on Create a New Domain button


Step 4: Enter the add-on domain in the box provided.


Step 5: Make sure the checkbox is ticked off


Step 6: Enter all the required fields accordingly


Note: cPanel automatically populates the directory and subdomain fields upon entering the domain field. You can make changes to this according to your requirements.

Step 7: Now click on Submit


Congratulations! You have successfully created your first addon domain

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