How to create Sub-Domains via cPanel

Subdomains represent an integral part of your website, allowing you to establish distinct sections or microsites without the need for an entirely new domain. They serve the purpose of creating user-friendly and memorable URLs for different segments of your website’s content. For example, you can set up a subdomain for your blog, accessible via URLs like or

Follow the steps given below to create your first subdomain in cPanel.

Step 1: Log in to cPanel


Step 2: Go to Domains Domains


Step 3: Click on Create a New Domain button on the right.


Step 4: Enter the subdomain name that you would like to create in the box provided.


Step 5: Make sure the Share Document Root checkbox is ticked off.


Step 6: Specify the directory where you want the files for this domain to exist.


Step 7: Enter the relevant information in the box below. (It is recommended to refrain from making any modifications to this, as it is configured optimally for your specific requirements.)

Note: As a default feature, cPanel automatically populates the document root field once you’ve entered the subdomain name. You have the option to either accept the suggested path as is or make changes to this information as needed.

Step 8: Now click on Submit or click on Submit and Create Another if you want to create another subdomain.


You’ve successfully set up a subdomain, a significant step that broadens your online horizons. With this subdomain, you have the freedom to host diverse content and enhance your website’s structure. This is a fantastic opportunity to explore new possibilities and make the most of your freshly created subdomain!

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