How to Create Parked-Domains via Cpanel

Domain names aliases (parked domains) let your website be accessible via a different domain. For example, you could create or to display the content on

Step 1: Log into your cPanel.

How to Create Parked-Domains via Cpanel-Login-Interface-cPanel

Step 2: Under the Domains Section click on Domains


Step 3: From the cPanel Domains interface, select “Create a New Domain” button on the right


Step 4: Enter your domain name in the box provided.


Step 5: Make sure the Share Document option is checked and click on Submit


Go to cPanel > Domains . Now you can see the list of parked domains under your main account and you can manage or delete these parked domains anytime is needed.

Congratulations! You have successfully learnt how to create Parked Domains in cPanel .

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